Add multiple products to cart at once

A truly lightweight and simple yet powerful plugin without any unnecessary features, no huss fuss or no low page speed score! This WooCommerce Multiple Products to Cart plugin is very helpful to increase conversions. You can easily display multiple products in any page using a simple shortcode then your customer can add multiple products to cart at once.

Multiple Products Cart
Front-end View


  • Simple and Variable products supported
  • Show any specific products using product ID
  • Show any specific category items using category ID
  • Fully responsive to all modern devices
  • Only in stock products will be listed
  • Extremely fast to show a lot of products in a single page
  • Truly lightweight, almost no impact on page speed score



Please note that maximum 50 items will be listed per product table.

You can filter the products using the below attributes.

  • limit = 50
  • orderby = date or title
  • order = desc or asc
  • type = simple or variable
  • ids = ID(s) of the products like 2568,2547
  • cats = ID(s) of product categories like 5,6,9

Shortcode Examples

[woo-multi-cart limit=20 orderby="title" order="desc"]
[woo-multi-cart type="variable"]
[woo-multi-cart cats="5,6,9"]
[woo-multi-cart ids="2568,2547"]

We’re actively developing this plugin. You can request for extra features here.


You can change the cart button text and color from the settings page.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Multiple Products to Cart

Settings Page
Settings View